Romeldale CVM Sheep & Fiber
Romeldale CVM Sheep & Fiber

English Blue Ribbon Farm
Jarrett and Connie DuBois

Stockton, IL
Phone: 815-990-3320


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Romeldale CVM Fleece and Fiber

We coat our sheep from birth to shearing and skirt heavily to give you the very best of a clean, fresh fleece.

Shearing is once per year, so please check our News and Shows section or follow us on Instagram ebrfarm for

fast updates on farm happenings.


Combed top is available year round. We carry natural gray and buff plus our hand dyed combed top made with natural botanical color from growing things in our meadows and gardens. Lots are individual and always changing...that is the beauty of natural dyes.


We are proud to participate in the SHAVE 'EM To SAVE 'EM initiative. Please visit Livestock to learn more about ways you may support the survival of beautiful rare wool breeds.

Please email us at and stay in touch on Instagram ebrfarm for the latest news. Thank you!

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