Romeldale CVM Sheep & Fiber
Romeldale CVM Sheep & Fiber

English Blue Ribbon Farm
Jarrett and Connie DuBois

Stockton, IL
Phone: 815-990-3320


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About English Blue Ribbon Farm

The care of our flock and the quality of our fleece are important to us. It is a joy to see customers delighted with the fiber from our flock and it feels right to know each sheep by name and personality. We grow our own hay, mixing grain and minerals by hand and raise our flock on pasture until the winter freeze. We believe happy sheep grow lovely fleece.



Our customers are wonderful!  A special thank you to all for the lovely notes and emails.


" I have so enjoyed working with your fibers and feel the love in them."  Lisa


"Your fleeces are the best I've ever worked with."  Debra


" I am hooked on your CVM wool!"  Kerry


"It is so clean and such a soft perfect gray. it is a joy to work with."  Terry



We are proud members of the National CVM Conservancy, the American Sheep Industry Association, the Livestock Conservancy and the Iowa Sheep Industry Association. Our flock is registered with the National Romeldale C VM Registry NRCR, tracing every sheep back to the founding Spencer/Eidman flocks.

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